We are working on building an online community with our blog. Click here to participate!

A "blog" is short for web log, an online journal of sorts. Some blogs allow comments by readers. We allow comments on our blog. We want to know your thoughts about the activities and offerings at the park.

Historical Interpreters and Reenactors are encouraged to stop by and read/comment on the blog. There is nothing quite like the online community for sharing ideas and bringing important news to the attention of others who share our love of history.

One of the facets of the blog will also allow people to recommend books to everyone. We all know what voracious readers we can be and reenactors are always looking for good source material to document their interpretations.

The Artistic Community can benefit from a visit to our blog as well, from notification of special events to notes on the particulars of a show. Have a comment for the OTPA about a past Artisan's Fair? Have a suggestion for a future show? Leave a comment for us and share your thoughts with your fellow artists.

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